Sunday, May 15, 2011

Measuring Success

It's only natural that when we commit ourselves to any lifestyle change that we insist on results to keep us motivated.  So what deems a successful measurement?

I can tell you that after six weeks of eating clean and working out I have lost 4 lbs and total of  5" off my bust, hips, thigh, and waist areas.

Reading that last sentence, you're probably wondering if I'm ready to throw in the towel.  Aren't we constantly inundated with people miraculously losing 15-20 lbs of weight in the first month of the newest diet fad?  Look at my results.  Is this success?   ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Why?  Well, first off I'm 5'8 and 141 lbs so I know my body is going to lose excess body fat slowly but in return sculpt defined muscle mass.  Any rapid weight loss will only result in rapid weight gain the next time I smell a cookie.  That's what's wrong with diet fads.  This is a lifestyle change.  I'm feeding my body with energy and resistance and in return it will reward me with strength.

Secondly, success can be measured beyond the scales and tape measures.  Let me give you some better numbers to judge by:
6- the number of weeks of been respecting my body by eating clean and making it work
4- the number of consecutive weeks I've been increasing my weights at the gym
9, 7, 5 - nine is the dress size I was before I started.  Seven is the size of pants I bought two weeks ago.  Five is the size of the dress I bought last Friday.
14- pieces of clothing I've given to Goodwill because they were too big and not able to be altered.
152- the number of wonderful, witty, determined, motivational women that belong to a fitness/clean eating online group I am lucky to be a part of.
4- the minimum number of days I work out at the gym (up from 0 two months ago)
6- the number of delicious meals I eat per day
1- the notch I moved to tighten up my belt
2- the number of sizes I had exchange my new birthday jeans for.  You can see them here!

Now add in some non-measureable successes like the confidence I feel and the good mood I always wake up in, the energy I feel throughout the day, the ability to accept compliments instead of brushing them off with self depricating comments, and the amazing knowledge I've gained to be able to listen to my body.  I know when it feels healthy, hungry and when I can push it even further and when I need to back off to prevent injury. 

My point is that there's more to success than numbers on a scale.  I feed my body with good food and my mind with happiness knowing that I'm not just on my way to total transformation, but that I'm doing it.


Brandee said...

That is so awesome and what a wonderful blog post, loved it!

Becky said...

Love it, Marnie!

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