Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Splurge!

I turned a proud 41 last Friday!!  Its become a hilarious tradition in our house for Ash, my awesome husband of nearly 20 years, to come shopping with me and transform into his alter ego "Cocoa the Bag Boy"  LOL.  Thankfully he got back into town Friday night from work.  It was his idea to take me for a little retail therapy Saturday afternoon (gotta love him).  I pooled my birthday money together and splurged on a pair of Miss Me jeans that I've been eyeing.  Part of me wondered if I should get a size smaller since I was enjoying this cleaner way of eating.  But I resisted that temptation. 

They are so decadent.  The back pockets and front pocket are adorned with crystals.  Blinding bling everywhere!!  hahaha  The construction is amazing too.  They're the perfect birthday gift for this fashion momma!  I can't wait to wear them out.  Now I'm eyeing a few different styles on their website.  Maybe this could be my incentive my wishful body transformation.  Hmmmm......


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