Monday, April 25, 2011

Three weeks of Eating Clean

If someone told me that in three weeks I would totally change my habits about food and not only look forward to more food prep, going to the gym and be happy about how I feel about myself, I would have thought that wasn't enough time for such big overall changes in a person.  But I'm here to tell you that that's exactly what has happened.

Everyday I'm learning new ways to combine food and to make better grocery shopping decisions.  We have decided as a family to not go completely organic, mostly in our meats, but our sugar, pesticide and chemical consumption has fallen drastically.  For myself and my husband, we have not had any white sugar in 21 days.  Our family has always chosen whole wheat and grain bread over white so we've focused on changing our other starchy choices, like when it comes to pastas and rice.

Meal planning has become second nature.  I've learned to make delicious ordinary meals at home and to eat out and be satisfied.  I know that what I put into my body is more about health and disease prevention and with that I am starting to reap the rewards of a clean body.

I did have some moments of doubt in the first two weeks because that scale barely moved. Now before you tell me to throw away that scale, I know I need to.  Its been hard since I've relied on it for 30 years.  I'll get there one day.  I chatted with some wonderful long time  EC'ers (Eating Clean) and they assured me that my body was going through an adjustment period and since I don't have alot of weight to lose, the kickstart may take longer.  They were right.  Hardly any movement in weight and measurements the first 2 weeks, and this week BAM I'm down 4 lbs and have inches lost.

Even better is the way I feel.  Energetic, strong, tall and proud.  Feeding the body properly is euphoric.

I'm seeing mindful eating in my children and I'm so proud of my husband who is also doing awesome with this lifestyle.  He's feeling great and he's getting plenty to eat  lol.  We are a busy family and we're making this work.

I can't wait to see the transformation the next 3 weeks will bring.  My focus will be more on the strength training.  I want definition in my back and shoulders! 


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