Friday, April 8, 2011

First Challenge

I was worried about last night.  I was invited to go for an evening seminar with work and as pleased as I was to have a night out in a posh restaurant talking about the latest medical/spa skin products, I wasn't sure how I would handle the food temptations.  I mean, I had only been clean eating for 3 days and now I felt like I was walking into a cupcake shop.

We were given a delectible, but limited menu to choose our three courses from.  I took a moment to remind myself how great I had been feeling and what my goals were, and then I started to read that menu.  Appetizers were ceasar salad or french onion soup.  Dinner was sirloin with brocolli and whipped potatoes, grilled chicken with risotto or salmon and potatoes.  Dessert was ....gee, now I can't even remember because I told myself I didn't need dessert so I completely skipped over reading that part.  I did try and talk to the waiter about cooking options, but it became evident quickly that the menu preparation would not be altered, you had to take it as it was served.  I think I made some great choices.  First I paid no attention to the bread and butter being offered around the table.  I had the french onion soup and removed the cheese and bread from it before eating.  Then I had the sirloin dish. I chose that dinner because it was the one without any accompanying sauce.  I only ate about half the steak with the brocolli, I left the whipped potatoes alone because of the butter and also honestly because I just didn't have the carb cravings I usually do.  I was beaming with amazement when I realized that it didn't bother me at all to be the only one not eating dessert.  I didn't crave it and I didn't miss it.  It wasn't even an issue to deal with.  After dinner I had my first ever cup of black coffee.  No sugar, no milk.  That first sip was an adjustment, but enjoyable.  I didn't miss the sweet java I usually have.  Wow, that was a pretty powerful eating experience.  To come away feeling extremely satisfied, energized and proud of myself, I can't tell you how much that skyrocketed my motivation.


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